Handmade crystal chandeliers

From the finest materials - Bohemian crystal, glass and the highest quality brass.


Bohemian glassmaking

It all started in the Bohemian region, in the north of the Czech Republic. We follow the tradition of our ancestors dating back to the 13th century. The glass for our lighting is manufactured in the very same region as more than 700 years ago.


Exclusively Handmade

The Wranovsky artisans have for generations passed down their knowledge of the beautiful craft of chandelier making. The years of tradition and experience in such a delicate craft cannot be imitated or mechanically replicated. All lightings we manufacture are unique. There are never two exact copies anywhere in the world. Each chandelier is a collective work of people who have dedicated their lives to this craft.


Endless Possibilities

Our own production of parts allows us to create extraordinary lighting pieces. Having the capabilities to work first-hand with the input materials transfers into the ability to maintain the highest level of perfection and flexibility. 


Modern Approach

While we pride ourselves in the traditional manufacturing practices, we always look forward towards new trends in the industry. We make 3D visualisations, 3D renders and work with experts on emerging lighting technologies to provide you a holistic modern lighting experience.