Choosing the right lighting for your interior or a project is a challenging task but Wranovsky team is always eager to help you.


Things you MUST consider when choosing the chandelier of your dreams

When choosing the right lighting, it is of paramount importance to follow several basic rules. One should carefully consider materials, chandelier type, size, style, where the lighting will be fitted and how much light it should provide, among other things. 

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As a manufacturer, we are not limited by our standard production. If you like the design of one of our lightings but you need to adjust the size, the number of bulbs, colours, or completely change some parts of the lighting, we can customise it just for you.


Crystal Shapes

Most frequently used crystal types in our Bohemian crystal chandeliers.

Crystal Colours

Basic available colours for crystals and different colouring techniques.


Basic types and colours of the candleholders, different colours are possible, too.

Lampshades Types

We offer a wide selection of lampshades that can be used for all of our chandeliers, wall lights, as well as floor & table lamps.

Lampshades Colours

All our lampshades can be customized not only in terms of size but also a wide range of colors to fit the desired lighting design.

Chain Sleeves

Sleeves are used on chandeliers to cover the chain and make them even more elegant. We offer them in a gold and silver option.


How to Clean Your Crystal Chandelier

Because we supply the world with the highest quality crystal chandeliers, we also care about finding the easiest and safest ways for our clients to maintain and clean them.

In cooperation with the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, we have developed a special chandelier cleaner that is safe to use for cleaning of all our chandeliers and brightens your chandelier again in a matter of minutes.