Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers

Bohemian crystal chandeliers are no longer reserved for grandiose interiors of palaces or chateaus only. We can see the trend of finding use for traditional crystal chandeliers in private villas, hotels, restaurants and pretty much everywhere these days.

And it's no wonder. Crystal chandeliers come in many shapes, types and colours. You can find very richly decorated ones or very simplistic designs. The possibility to add colour touch to only some of the chandelier crystals only further extend the possible uses.

Traditional crystal chandeliers have simply become a staple of affordable luxury and the example of good taste in lighting & interior design. 

At Wranovsky we manufacture our chandeliers by hand using the highest quality materials. We use hand-cut Bohemian crystal with 30% PbO. The high amount of lead helps our chandeliers to achieve the notorious brilliance and beauty.


Popular Collections

Explore some of our most popular traditional Bohemian crystal chandeliers in different sizes and accompanying wall lights and lamps.


Our Crystal Chandeliers in the Interior

Glimpse through and get inspired by some of our latest installations of Wranovsky crystal chandeliers.