Modern & Contemporary Chandeliers

Chandelier-making has come a long way from just traditional crystal chandeliers. Worldwide changes and trends in the interior design gave rise to a wide selection of modern & contemporary crystal chandeliers made of not only crystal octagons, but also prisms, bubbles or crystal rods to name a few of the crystal shapes we often use designing our modern chandeliers.

Combining the highest quality crystal with the most innovative processes of material treatment and manufacturing, our modern chandeliers represent the perfect example of natural union between tradition and modernity. 

Browse through our modern chandeliers, our modern spiral chandeliers, and our modern flush mount & basket chandeliers.

We also focus on custom production, so if you haven't found your dream modern lighting between our catalogue offering, have a look at some of our custom installations or directly contact us to discuss custom manufacturing of your dream lighting.


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Our Modern Chandeliers in the Interior

Glimpse through and get inspired by some of our latest installations of Wranovsky modern crystal chandeliers.