Collection Imagine

Collection Imagine


A specific chandelier which makes every modern interior special! Chandelier Imagine is a very original type of lamp. Its uniqueness perfectly complements the look of the minimalistic spaces. An impressive mirror effect reflecting the stained glass in the shape of a cloud ideally excels when lighting up the chandelier. Imagine chandeliers are manufactured in several standard colours, but it is also possible to customize the colour variations according to the client’s needs.


  • Silver colour finish


  • 6 lights (picture no. 1) - 105x20cm, 15kg (JWZ 615060101)
  • 6 lights (picture no. 2) - 105x20cm, 15kg (JWZ 615060101 alfa)
  • 6 lights (picture no. 3) - 105x20cm, 15kg (JWZ 615060101 beta)
  • 6 lights (picture no. 4) - 105x20cm, 15kg (JWZ 615060101 gama)
  • 6 lights (picture no. 5) - 105x20cm, 15kg (JWZ 615060101 delta)

Bespoke production:

As a manufacturer, we are not limited by our standard production. If you like the design of one of our lightings but you need to adjust the size, the number of bulbs, colours, or completely change some parts of the lighting, we can customise it just for you.

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