Ocean crystal chandelier

Ocean crystal chandelier


Elegant crystal chandelier with three handmade glass arms. Glass arms and parts of the fixtures are made of crystal and decorated with the highest quality cut crystal trimmings with a high lead content. The surface of the metal part is provided with a protective layer against corrosion and decorated with silver or gold colour. Crystal chandelier is a continuation collection Classe, which represents a classic, elegant style Bohemian crystal. Widely popular fixture to fit into classical and modern interior.


  • Silver colour finish

  • Gold colour finish

  • Antique colour finish


  • 18 lights color (picture no. 1 -3) - Ø 105 x H 70 cm, 23.5 kg (JWZ 166182100/1 color)

  • 24 lights (picture no. 4) - Ø 105 x H 90 cm, 25 kg (JWZ 166242100/1)

  • 24 lights color (picture no. 5 & 6) - Ø 105 x H 90 cm, 25 kg (JWZ 166242100/1 color)

Information on dimensions:

The dimensions are always listed without the chain and the ceiling canopy. The standard length of the chain is 30-50 cm. On request, we will extend the chain as needed for a fee.

Bespoke production:

As a manufacturer, we are not limited by our standard production. If you like the design of one of our lightings but you need to adjust the size, the number of bulbs, colours, or completely change some parts of the lighting, we can customise it just for you.

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