Hotel Hejtmanský Dvůr, Slaný

Our customer was inspired by our other products and created a vision of their dream lightings which was developed into its final form with the help of our designers. Beautiful custom-made chandeliers with the length of 2,5 meters were hung to the extended hotel lobby.

Colour combination of bubbles made of blown glass was chosen based on the colour of the hotel interior. The eye-catching element of the luminaries is the distinctive green colour of the bubbles, which makes the lobby look very special and original. After the light is turned on, the unique atmosphere of the place shines, being beautifully beamed with the variety of colours we used to decorate our chandeliers.

Modern chandeliers with decorative blown bubbles and beads are becoming very coveted types for common and private interiors. Chosen luminaries were the perfect choice as a decorative element for the lobby of the Hotel Hejtmanský dvůr.