Medical Clinic, Germany

Recently, we had been tasked with designing classic crystal chandeliers with glass arms for the interior of a private clinic in Germany. As the clinic was based in a beautiful villa, we had decided to make use of the chandeliers from the popular, artistic Classe collection, which is, in combination with decorative elements, typical due to its traditional look, and which was bound to complement the interiors of the villa very well.

In accordance with the differing sizes of the villa’s interiors, we had to amend the size of our chandeliers accordingly. It is crucial to ensure that the crystal light fittings are just the right size so that they can provide the right amount of light for the interior and to create an unmistakable designer accent. We, therefore, designed crystal chandeliers in one specific manner, so as to create a unified light installation effect. As such, we had, for example, decided to complement the details of the villa’s interiors by opting for not only silver dishes for the chandelier’s light bulbs but by using silver for the entirety of the installed chandeliers’ metal parts.

In total, we had installed 12 units of highly elegant crystal light fittings, which corresponded beautifully with the cozy interiors of the villa. Six units of crystal chandeliers with 36 arms sized 120x90 cm and four units with 24 arms sized 80x66 cm had been created for the larger spaces in the villa. The chandelier arms were placed onto the chandeliers on two levels, which helped give the light installation a more extravagant and luxurious feel. For the smaller parts of the villa’s interior, we then manufactured an additional two chandeliers with a total of 10 arms laid out on one level. We had also decided to use chains of a specific length to ensure that the total distance between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor was always 2 meters.

The result of the realisation was the creation of an astonishing designer light installation piece, which has enriched the spaces of the villa with its exceptionally elegant style and with the unique beauty of Czech crystal, which, when the chandeliers are lit up, projects beautiful rainbow reflections onto the whole interior and paints a beautiful atmosphere for all those who come inside. 


I would like to thank you.
Your employees have done excellent work.
Our colleagues and our guests are enthusiastic about your work.
Best wishes.