Airport Hotel Okecie, Warsaw

We are proud to present to you a successfully finished project of original lightings into a polish hotel Airport Hotel Okęcie. The client requested a production of modern chandeliers that would adorn the reconstructed building of the hotel. In the end, modern lightings with blown crystal bubbles in different colors were chosen.

This project was a great challenge for the Wranovsky Company – we have never used such an amount of blown crystal bubbles before. A total of 25 000 pieces of bubbles was used for the chandeliers. The hand assembly was very difficult as well, but thanks to the care of our staff, the chandeliers are truly spectacular. Chandeliers of different shapes with different lengths of wire ropes, and with bubbles in exact color combinations, they represent the perfect embodiment of beauty.

Photos in the gallery are taken from the grand opening of the reconstructed hotel premises.