Kville Saluhall, Gothenburg

Standing at respectable 300 x 440 cm in size, this truly monumental crystal chandelier is situated at the heart of a shopping mall in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Manufacturing such large masterpieces is difficult of itself, however, that is only a beginning. Have a look at our photo documentation below to see how our team worked skillfully to assembly this monumental chandelier on-site. 


Dear all,

Thanks for all the things you have done. I can tell you that every one is already missing you here and they all talk about you and the good times that everybody had during your short staying in Gothenburg. Yesterday they inaugurated the place at noon time. It was packed with people and the luster was sparkling like many stars in the center of the marked which drew everyones attention immediately. Everyone is very hapy with your remakable job.

With regards to pictures i will see that they send the pictures to me as soon as possible and then i will send them to you.

Please kindly give my heartly greating to everyone and especially to Mr. Josef wranovsky.

I hope to deal with you soon again and untill then wish you and your family good luck.

With Best Regards ...