Hotel Mysterius, Prague

A satisfied client came back to us after being very happy with chandeliers produced for the hotel Svatava in Prague. They requested design and production of specific modern style chandeliers for a new Prague city center hotel.

The main requirement was the original look of lights, which would nicely complement the minimalist interior of the hotel apartments. The apartments are decorated in simple colors, so we decided to choose more striking colors for the chandeliers. We offered two types of modern chandeliers with colored caps of folded organzas. For the living rooms were chosen original chandeliers with transparent arms in different shapes, and for the bedrooms chandeliers with different colored and shaped arms. There were produced wall and table lamps with the same design.

In the second phase of this project, we focused on the reception lighting. We kept the concept and offered original shaped and colored chandeliers and lamps. We used the same colors for the lampshades as there are in the apartments. Simple but very impressive chandeliers are a real decoration for the hotel reception.

The final look of the hotel lighting overall is very original; we have therefore completely fulfilled the requirements of the client of the uniqueness and specificity of the lights.