reason number one

Fully customized lighting for your particular taste and needs.

Equipping a whole villa, house, apartment or a commercial project with decorative lights is a daunting task.

We’ve been manufacturing the highest quality chandeliers for more than 25 years for all kinds of interior design styles including classical, traditional, transitional, contemporary, bohemian, French, Russian, Arabic, rustic, shabby chic, hollywood regency, boutique luxury, or modern style.

We approach every project with the highest amount of care, preparing lighting offers for every room and every type of lights required - chandeliers, wall lights, or floor and table lamps.

All offers are customized for your particular project needs in terms of style, colours, or dimensions.

Reason number two

The world’s highest quality chandeliers

All our chandeliers are manufactured from the highest quality crystal, brass or stainless steel. We work mainly with Bohemian crystal with high amount of lead content which grants crystal its signature gloss and brilliance.

Bohemian craftsmanship has been synonymous with quality for generations and we continue the legacy, bringing Bohemian handmade crystal chandeliers into today’s luxury interiors around the world.

Reason number three

The best price-quality ratio and value for your money.

Of course, we’re not the only manufacturer of luxury crystal chandeliers. However, you’ll often find that even the best known brands’ products are, in fact, manufactured in China from subpar materials.

Working with WRANOVSKY, you have a guarantee that all our products are manufactured in our factory in the heart of the Bohemian region, in the Czech Republic, using the best materials.

What’s more, our superior quality chandeliers come with a much lower price tag than those of other luxury brands. This comes down to our corporate values. As a family company, we prefer to provide you with the best value for your money rather than sell overpriced products.

Reason number FOUR

Full service - from the design concept, to manufacturing and installation on site.

We understand our clients and know that they lead busy lives. It is therefore of paramount importance to us that we help you with as much of the whole purchase process as possible.

This starts with the design concepts which are made for free and often include drawings and visualisations of your new chandeliers, even before the project is actually agreed.

We also take care of the shipping process (be it by land, sea or air), including export and import proceedings whenever possible.

Our professional WRANOVSKY installation crew has travelled the world installing our crystal chandeliers and we can always take care of the installation either by sending our crew or just one member to save costs and guarantee that the lights are installed properly and up to the highest standard.

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