Crystal Chandeliers at Euroluce 2015 Trade Fair

Milan will become the world’s center of design from 14 – 19 April 2015. This beautiful Italian city will host the annual international trade fair I Saloni which includes most importantly the lighting trade fair Euroluce. This year will be the 28th year of this event focusing on the modern trends in lighting fixtures.

A lot of lighting manufacturers, designers and architects will be participating, but Euroluces gates are open to all those interested in modern design, innovations and lights development. Our company focuses on crystal chandeliers produce with emphasis on project based design chandeliers.

Therefore Euroluce has always been an important source of inspiration. We are interested in original new designs and new trends of development in lights production technology. Euroluce is always a great experience for us. This is also the place where we meet other lights producers and people involved in the light production and distribution industry and discuss new opportunities. Euroluce is seen as the peak event for all light designers and producers.

UN and UNESCO announced year 2015 to be the International year of light and light based technologies. What is better way to celebrate it, and then visit Euroluce?

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