Dining Table Chandeliers - Inspiring Ideas for Kitchen Crystal Chandelier


Nothing creates a warm family atmosphere of a home better than a beautiful crystal chandelier in your kitchen. But choosing the right one is often a struggle. The plethora of choices is, indeed, endless. But it’s not just the style you want to get right, it’s the dimensions, too.

The dimensions

Before we show you some beautiful examples of crystal chandeliers that we have at WRANOVSKY manufactured for our clients’ kitchens, let’s get a little nitty-gritty about the right dimensions of your new light fitting.

  • A chandelier in a dining room setting should be positioned in the center of the dining table and room proportions.

  • Your crystal chandeliers should not be larger than your dining table. Keep at least 30-40 cm of space at each side along the table’s length and keep it narrower at the table’s shorter side, too.

  • As a rule of thumb, hang the chandelier about 80 cm above the dining table with a 2.4 m ceiling height. Then hang it another 8 cm above the table for each 30 cm of ceiling height.

  • Avoid high wattage bulbs. You want the chandelier to comfortably light up the kitchen table but not become an unpleasant source of light for people sitting around the table.

The design

When choosing the choice of design of the crystal chandelier for your kitchen table, you are faced with the most basic question - a round arm more traditional chandelier or an oblong modern chandelier. This comes down mostly to the personal preference and the interior of the designated kitchen but both types of the chandelier design can make a great addition to your dining room.

Modern crystal chandeliers for dining table


Traditional crystal chandeliers for dining table

Wranovsky Crystal