Wranovsky chandeliers in luxury hotels

Our strength is not just in the production of chandeliers for private homes. A specific part of our work includes hotel projects. The choice of luminaires for interiors of this type is a long-term process, resulting in luxurious lighting designed directly into the particular space.

Prior to designing the lights, we always visit the hotel to fully understand the atmosphere of the place. We work with the clients from the beginning, we consult their ideas, we take into account the style of the interior as well as the specific requirements. Our experience in the design and production of crystal chandeliers is very rich, therefore Wranovsky lights are rightly among the most desirable products for such spaces.


Wranovsky chandeliers in Aria hotel

Wranovsky chandeliers can be found in luxury hotels, which are the absolute top in the Czech Republic. In the first place of the exclusive ranking of the best hotels in Prague (according to the recommendations of the experts and the satisfaction of the guests), the hotel Aria was placed in which we designed and manufactured unique crystal chandeliers. Chandeliers from the Sympathy and Clerius collections are stylish and very elegant. Their perfectly fine lines let stand out in the luxury of the hotel rooms and contribute to the desired atmosphere of the hotel.

You will find the website of the hotel here.


Wranovsky chandeliers in hotel King David

King David is also one of the most rated Prague hotels. For the interior of this hotel, we chose luxurious crystal chandeliers that perfectly underlined its elegance. The chandeliers of the Aristocratico collection absolutely satisfy the condition of exclusive products to a five-star hotel. Crystal chandeliers of the finest materials are mirrored over the heads of the guests and their gloss reflects the rays of light every day.

You will find the website of King David hotel here.


Wranovsky chandeliers adorn plenty of other hotels as well

The Wranovsky chandeliers can be seen in many other Czech and foreign hotels as well. We designed original and specific lights for Mysterius Hotel Carnival, traditional crystal chandeliers for Hotel CarusoMyo Hotel Wenceslas and modern pieces for Airport Hotel Okecie. Chandeliers in luxury public spaces are an illustration of our work. Get inspired by our other project work here.

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