St. Nicholas Church, Turnov

Our company Wranovsky Crystal is dealing not only with the production of exclusive crystal chandeliers but is also renovating unique antique chandeliers, especially those located in temples and churches.

Renovation of antique chandeliers includes very sophisticated and perfectly performed work such as cleaning of individual parts, recheck of electrical functionality, while we are doing everything in order to reach the best results so the renovated antique chandeliers appeal with the new, but in the same way still with its historical impression. A similar situation was also with the unique ancient chandelier with glass arms from the church of St. Nicolas in Turnov. Cathedral of St. Nicolas is the oldest church in the heart of the town of Turnov and originates from the 14th century. Its artistic construction switched from originally gothic to renaissance and after the last reconstruction and following renovation it represents baroque art direction.

During the renovation of the chandelier, we cleaned each and every part of this historical masterpiece, which adorned its large size premises of the church for many years. While renovating our company Wranovsky Crystal borrowed the crystal chandelier, which is made of innumerable range of hand-bonded chains. It is also special thanks to its original piked design. After the full renovation of the antique chandelier, we have installed it so this historical masterpiece could return to its place, where it will further fulfill its role in the sacred verge of the church.