Church, Pístov

Recently we were involved in several interesting projects, renovating existing antique crystal chandeliers. We renovated a beautiful chandelier (dimensions 100 x 155cm) in Pistov near Marianske Lazne town (famous spa destination in the Czech Republic).

This chandelier is very unique, so ours and our client’s intent was to preserve the original appearance of this crystal chandelier. The chandelier was in a very bad condition and it was necessary to completely take apart to individual parts in order to perform very thorough cleaning. We also completely replaced the electrical wiring of the chandelier with a new safer one. The individual crystal and metal parts have been thoroughly cleaned; damaged parts were replaced with new ones which were selected specifically to preserve the authenticity of the original pieces.

The newly renovated chandelier is now even more beautiful and shiny, which lights up the perfectly wonderful interior of the church and puts the finishing touches to the breath-taking atmosphere. We are very happy we managed to keep the original soul of the antique chandelier and contribute to the beauty of the sacred place.