Private Villa, Prague

Recently, we installed our crystal light fittings in a beautiful mansion in Prague. The owners wish was to have the interior furnished with elegant, modern light fittings which would complement the chosen style of the existing interior.

Based on this request, we designed and manufactured the chandeliers. In total, we had created nine crystal chandeliers and augmented them with the express purpose of further enriching the luxurious interior of the mansion.

As each room in the mansion had a unique atmosphere and style, it was a challenge to us to design and manufacture light fittings which would fit each room and yet also refer to the other light fittings. With each design, we took great heed of the details and the style of each room.

We also greatly emphasized the color variations of the light fittings to help reach a balanced, designer result, in which the light fittings would complement both the interior and each other, and in the end, this helped us create an elegant and ingenious overall design, which helped underline the uniqueness of the mansion.