Private Villa, Prague

In June of 2017, we had the honor to install two of our beautiful chandeliers in the shape of spiral and ellipse into a villa in Prague. Both the chandeliers were designed in a modern style and made from optical rods to fit the modern interior of the villa.

The main chandelier is a crystal spiral with the base of 150cm in length, 75cm in width, and with impressive 350cm in length of the spiral. This wonderful three and a half meters long spiral is situated between two floors of the villa and therefore beautifully illuminates its whole interior. The spiral itself is, in fact, made of multiple levels of 70cm long optical rods that narrow downwards. 

As a complimentary chandelier, we designed a crystal spiral with dimensions of 80x40cm. The goal of this crystal chandelier was to complement the main spiral chandelier in style and visually connect the center of the villa with the rest of the interior.