Private Villa, Olomouc

A client from Olomouc got in touch with us, asking us to design and manufacture a light fitting for her modern house, which would fit into her interior both stylistically and in terms of color. After all necessary information was provided, such as the height of the ceiling, the size of the room, colour details used in the room, and overall desired style, we created a design draft, which we felt was ideal for the chosen space.

As the client wished to preserve a clear line and a decent style, which were prevalent in the interior, we designed a modern chandelier with light and decent design elements. The chandelier is built on a rectangular base of stainless steel with a reflective effect, sized 120x120 centimetres. From this base then descend stainless steel strings with handmade bubbles, nowadays very popular and sought-out design elements, tied onto them.

What provides this modern chandelier with its uniqueness is the placing of the lights, which we designed to fit directly into the glass bubbles, further emphasising the designer accent of the light installation. The bubbles, containing LED light bulbs, were manufactured in differing hematite shades to refer to the colours present in the interior, particularly in the furniture. When lit up, the light spread out through the entire room and enriched it with colourful reflections fitting well into the crystal-clear Blue Hematite hue. The glass bubbles were also hung in different distances and sizes. The majestic composition and modern look beautifully complemented and enriched the living room. The light installation then gave the interior an elegant impression and grace.