Private Villa, Belgium

Looking through the gorgeous entrance door with a glass window is our large Princesse crystal chandelier giving a glimpse to the passers-by into the luxurious interior that is hidden inside.


Our client from Belgium asked us to decorate their whole new villa with our beautiful and popular crystal chandeliers predominantly from Princesse collection.

Our chandeliers from Classe collection, Maniera collection and Oriental collection also decorate the interior of some of the rooms in the villa but the main jewel are our Princesse chandeliers. Featured in the silver metal colour version and in different size version of 110x135 cm, as well as 175x200 cm, the Princesse chandeliers transform the living room, kitchen as well as the staircase and main hall area into magical areas.


Living Room & Kitchen


Staircase Area / Main Hall


Other Areas with Classe, Maniera and Oriental Chandeliers