Private Villa, USA

Designed in a luxury boutique style, this impressive villa of our client in the USA combines a number of WRANOVSKY crystal chandeliers of different styles. Ranging from very modern chandeliers, through Maria Theresa chandelier, to an incredible casino-style chandelier over 3m large, there is nothing ordinary about the bespoke chandeliers we’ve manufactured for this client. Without exception, all of the the light fixtures manufactured for the client feature only the truly highest quality materials and an immense amount of handwork.



Casino-style chandelier

The largest chandelier from the whole project was this casino-style chandelier created from crystal pearls and crystal raut bowls measuring over 3m in diameter and weighing around 1000 kg!

Popular Porto chandelier in its largest dimensions yet

Porto is one of our most popular collection of modern crystal chandeliers. It’s a beauty to behold even in its more modest sizes, so please see the beauty and glamour this chandelier creates when stretched to its massive proportions of 150x150cm.

Pink & White

Beautiful pink crystal almonds and luxurious white Organza lampshades are the common denominator of these two chandeliers. All arms, bowls and body parts of these chandeliers were hand-blown by WRANOVSKY Bohemian glass artists achieving the absolute highest quality a traditional crystal chandelier can achieve.

Black, White, and Maria Theresa chandelier

The villa further features a number of traditional style chandeliers. One of them in full clear crystal, another in full black crystal. While both are very beautiful chandeliers, they are dwarfed in size by a massive Maria Theresa chandelier in dimensions of 150x150cm.

Chandelier Circulo, tailored to fit over a round dressing table

In its dimensions of 90x95cm, the WRANOVSKY Circulo chandelier feature a glamorous combination of the highest quality crystal prisms and crystal raut balls. It fits perfectly over a round dressing room table of the client, creating a truly one-of-a-kind dressing room.

To infinity and beyond

The challenge for the client’s kitchen was to manufacture a chandelier that would fit well into its relatively low height but very large usable area. The result was a WRANOVSKY bespoke chandelier with an infinity symbol created from the strings of crystal octagons, instantly becoming a centerpiece of the room.

Last but not least - wall lights

This project would not be complete without these beautiful custom-made wall sconces in a very modern design matching the elements used for crystal chandeliers across the villa.

Wranovsky CrystalUSA, 2019