Private Villa, Dubai

A client from United Arab Emirates has chosen our company for a complete lighting arrangement of his new private villa. Our designers incorporated modernised classical chandeliers from Bohemian crystal into the elegant interior. Each and every chandelier was designed and produced made-to-measure, size-wise as well as design-wise.

During the final stage our crew flew to UAE, where during a few days they have assembled and installed all the beautiful chandeliers which were made from the premium materials such as brass, highest quality Bohemian crystal, and hand-blown glass. The unique beauty of the Bohemian crystal along with a masterful hand-made execution not only lightened up all the rooms in the house but fulfilled the function of design accent in this gorgeous aristocratic villa.


The Lobby

For the lobby of the house our designers created a grandiose chandelier, sized 2x1x0.7 metres. The sharpened crystal spheres reflect the beauty and richness of pearls and along with the elegant prisms around them they underline the tasteful shape of the rectangular light fitting.

The colouring of the crystal trimmings is designed to fit with the details in the room and supports and underlines the luxurious atmosphere with the warm colours of honey. The central designer light fitting is accompanied by interesting wall lamps in the same style.


Entrance Hall

Magnificent crystal chandelier with glass arms with 87 arms and 200x290 in size was chosen for the main hall. The decoration consists of the crystal trimmings shaped as oak leaves and chains, connected by the cut headers. The crystal chandelier is embedded in a central dome, 16 meters high, thus proving its dominance and garish impression. We also produced the wall lamps of the same design. Together they form a coherent element, which has become refinement of the interior due to its uniqueness and beauty.


Kitchen & Common Area

In line with our client's wishes, two brass chandeliers with original crystal pieces had been created for the kitchen and the common room. Sized 90x80 centimeters, they fit well into the interior of the rooms. The metal arms of the chandelier consist of meticulously polished brass, illuminating with a bright, golden color.


Dining Room

Another unique crystal chandelier, the Royal Tulips, had been installed in the dining quarters. The chandelier has distinctive elements borrowing from the French royal style. Crystal lampshades are carefully laid out on each of the chandelier’s 28 arms in an elegant manner. The lampshades, as the chandelier’s name suggests, are shaped like blooming tulips, which allows them to convey a feeling of harmony as well as give off an impression of luxury across the whole room.

The astonishing light fitting is sized 120x150 centimeters. Its crystal parts are richly decorated with hand-painted decor made of solid gold. The crystal hangings are made of sharpened crystals in the shape of tears, as well as sharpened crystal heads, which make up little decorative chains on the chandelier’s arms.



An astonishing crystal chandelier made of alloyed brass parts with a golden tint was installed into the mansion’s saloon. The brass base of the chandelier is combined with crystal parts which enhance its beauty further. The chandelier is sized 110x150 centimeters and consists of a total of 18 brass arms decorated with elegant golden leaves.

Decorative design elements are laid out around the upper part of the chandelier, where they correspond with the details and elements used on the chandelier’s arms. The sharpened crystal dishes and hangings had been made from highest-quality Czech crystal with a high lead content. The hangings are shaped in the popular manner of the oak leaf and this is used to reference the natural shapes and elements carved into the metal parts of the chandelier. We place this beautiful piece among the light fittings of the Sirius collection.



The bedroom is a special part of the house. Therefore we designed an entirely unique chandelier for this place of peace and intimacy. The installation here consists of a perfect balance of crystal and metal parts. The crystal chandelier is an avant-garde piece with eight silver arms carefully laid out in the shape of schematic wings.

The arms of the chandelier are placed irregularly on two levels with varying angles on each, allowing its light to be spread into all corners of the room. All in all, the chandelier gives off a very uncommon and unique impression.



For the mansion’s study, we had opted for a chandelier with glass arms designed in a classical style. The 110x150-centimetre, crystal chandelier from the Aristocratico collection consists of a total of 18 glass arms. The arms are completely handmade and have a very decent and straight profile look, which helps underline the clear line of the crystal glass. The sharpened crystal dishes are decorated with highest-quality hangings made of crystal with a 30 per cent lead content, fashioned in the style of snake eyes.


Second Lobby

A crystal chandelier with 24 glass arms had been installed into the beautiful mansion’s lobby. This crystal masterpiece, sized 110x230 centimetres, is part of the highly popular Princesse collection. The crystal arms are laid out in two levels, all accompanied by sharpened crystal dishes. The hangings consist of two complimenting elements - the crystals in the widely popular shapes of tears and oak leaves are hemmed by decorative chains made of sharpened crystal.


Boy's Room

For the boys' children's room we chose a crystal chandelier of modern design made of manually-crafted crystal rods. It is part of the Livelli collection, which is sought after thanks to its modern and original design style.

The unique crystal piece, sized 50x50 centimetres, was designed with silver metal parts to allow for the best possible fitting into the elements used in this room's interior.


Girl's Room

For the girls' room we picked a modern crystal chandelier with elegantly-curved arms. The modern light fitting, sized 90x60 centimetres, was created with silver metal parts. The sharpened crystal dishes are decorated with engraved beams, underlining the light elegance of this chandelier and supporting its illuminative function symbolically. The light fitting is part of the Aranea collection, and thanks to its modern look, it is suitable for use in rooms fitted with stylish interior details and elements.