The Grandest Chandeliers in the World

Ever wondered what are the grandest chandeliers in the world? Let's have a look at six examples of some of the most unique chandeliers out there.


Paris Opera House / Phantom of the Opera

Did you know that the crash of the chandelier in The Phantom of the Opera was inspired by true events? The novel from year 1910 by Gaston Leroux is a dramatization of the actual event from 1896 where counterweight from the chandelier fell crashing down, killing a construction worker. 

The chandelier from bronze and crystal weighing respectable 7 tons was designed by Charles Garnier and at the time the costs were 30 000 gold francs. Adjusting for inflation and converting to today's currencies, the costs of the chandelier were close to 3 million EUR.


Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul

The Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul is home to the largest Bohemian crystal chandelier in the world. The chandelier was said to be a gift to the Ottoman Empire from Queen Victoria, however in 2006 a receipt was found showing it was actually paid for in full. It boasts the total of 750 lamps and weights somewhere around 4.5 tonnes. Besides the grand chandelier in the Ceremonial Hall, the Palace hosts the world’s largest collection crystal chandeliers. This is a must-see venue for anyone in love with crystal chandeliers.


Chandelier Bar, Las Vegas

It’s pleasant enough to see great chandeliers, but how about actually being inside of one? Las Vegas’ The Chandelier Bar is made of three stories surrounded by no less than 2 million beaded crystals. If you love to “swing from the chandelier” as they say, then the Chandelier Bar in Las Vegas is definitely the place for you. 


New York, Metropolitan Opera House

The New York Metropolitan Opera House built in 1960s features 21 matching chandeliers. But not just any chandeliers. Today being no less than iconic display of the Opera House, the 21 chandeliers in the lobby are made purely from Swarovski crystals.

The clustered chandeliers resembling a constellation with moons and satellites were a gift from Austrian government to the United States of America for the aid during the World War II. 


Palace of Versailles

Aside from breath-taking chandeliers such as in the Hall of Mirrors, the The Palace of Versailles (the Royal residence of Louis XIV.) is featuring yet another chandelier from Swarovski components.

Envisioned by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the modern, extravagant and truly unique “Gabriel” chandelier is 12 meters high and resembles a gold chain necklace. It’s a unique installation made out of 800 crystal modules around a skeleton containing a led lighting system.


Reflective Flow in Ali Bin Khalifa Al Hitmi & Co building

While all of the chandeliers mentioned so far are indisputably grand, only one can boost with the title of the biggest chandelier in the world. “Reflective Flow” is a modern installation that consists of 55 000 LED units. Installed in the Ali Bin Khalifa Al Hitmi & Co building in Doha, Qatar on 23 June of 2010, the chandelier took two years to complete. Designed by Beau McClellan, the chandelier streches over 38.5m in linear length. 

Wranovsky Crystal