What Exactly is Bohemian Crystal?

The main material our company works with is Bohemian crystal. But do you really know what exactly is this world-renowned material?

Produced in the region of Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) already since the 16th century, the Bohemian crystal is internationally recognized for its highest quality, beauty and craftsmanship.



The difference between glass and crystal

The meaning of crystal differs from country to country. In the western world, however, the crystal is most often referred to as glass with the presence of lead. What we at Wranovsky talk about when we say Bohemian crystal is glass manufactured in the traditional Bohemian region with at least 24% content of lead.


The visual properties of Bohemian crystal

We use lead in our glass products for a reason - it simply looks stunning! Bohemian crystal is known for its brilliance. This brilliance is achieved precisely by the high amount of lead. Lead causes high refractive index in the glass which in turn increases the ability of the glass to separate light into all its colors.

The more cuts created in the glass, the more sparkling effect and light reflected through the object.

You can see how our Bohemian crystal reflects the light in a few detail shots of some of our chandeliers below.


The best of materials

We use 24% Bohemian hand-blown lead crystal for components such as bowls of the chandeliers and 30% lead Bohemian crystals for the trimmings.

We take pride in our non-compromise policy regarding quality of materials and that is something our clients appreciate a few years, 20 years, or even 30 years down the road when our chandeliers still do not lose their shining beauty.

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