Popular Wranovsky Chandeliers in Dubai

Dubai and the UAE as a whole are known for their unique taste in accessories, fashion, and interior design. This is more than true in the world of crystal chandeliers, too. A certain element of grandeur is omnipresent in all the chandeliers the UAE clientele demands. Often, an extra layer of luxury and pomposity is added by painting parts of chandeliers with real gold.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to four of the most popular Wranovsky chandeliers among our UAE clients. 


Royal Tulips

Royal Tulips is a unique chandelier - its crystal parts are hand painted with real gold. Hand-blown bowls are cut in a tulip shape and gilded as well as decorated with colourful flowers made from porcelain. This is the creme de la creme of our chandeliers. Available in three standard sizes with 12, 24 and 48 arms. However, there's no denying that the true beauty of the Royal Tulips is expressed in its larger version with 24 and 48 arms respectively. Below you can see Royal Tulips in its 24 arms version with 118 cm in width and 132 cm in height. The 48 arms version even boost 165 cm in width and a little over 2 meters in height.

Have a look at our Royal Tulips chandelier collection here.


Ricamente Decorado

This chandelier with its 87 twisted crystal arms and amazingly rich decoration is a real gem in the interior. This wonderful Czech crystal chandelier is exactly two meters wide and almost 3 meters long! Have a look at the chandelier on our Ricamente Decorado product page.



Apart from the traditional Czech crystal chandeliers, our clients from Dubai and UAE are very keen on brass chandeliers. One of our most popular brass chandeliers among this clientele is called Sirius. We offer Sirius in two standardized sizes of 112x135 cm and 122x165 cm respectively. However, as a manufacturer, we are capable of adjusting all the sizes exactly according to the client's wishes. You will find our Sirius collection here.



There is another very popular Bohemian crystal chandelier among our Dubai clients called Princesse. Our catalogue collection Princesse is rather broad - we offer the chandelier in five different options and four size options - 18 lights, 24 lights, 42 lights, or 60 lights. Have a look on the Princesse collection page on our website to discover all the different looks of its different sizes.

Jiri Wranovsky