Wranovsky In The Newspapers

During more than 20 years in the business, our company was asked several times to be featured in the Czech newspapers. Let's revive what a few of the latest articles said about our company.


Wranovsky in Hospodářské Noviny

In the September of 2017, the Czech newspaper Hospodářské Noviny mentioned that it often comes as a surprise to people just how affordable are truly custom-made chandeliers in our company. 

Further, they went on to describe how chandeliers from a little town Turnov in the heart of the traditional glass-making region in the Czech Republic can be found in interiors all around the world.

You can find the whole article online here.


Wranovsky in Lidové Noviny

In the February 2016, Lidové Noviny, another famous Czech newspaper wrote an article about us called "Lighting as an Art". 

The article mentioned that chandeliers are no longer suited just for palaces or churches, but more often they are found in interiors of young people around the world. The tradition, handmade qualities and customization are truly winning over the young generations.

You can find the whole article online here.


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