St. Catherine Church, Vysoké nad Jizerou

Our company Wranovsky had the opportunity to renovate unique antique chandelier from St. Catherine Church, which is situated in Vysoké nad Jizerou. Pastor asked us to renovate all the parts of this historical unique piece. Since some of the parts of the chandelier were not possible to use anymore, we have provided complete renovation during which we perfectly cleaned and replaced all the damaged parts. Crystal glass arms with twisted relief were partly replaced by replicas, as well as the rich decoration of the chandelier.

Our main goal was to fulfill the requirements of our client in order that the final appearance of the chandelier was as close to the original as possible. The exceptional attribute of crystal chandelier was the absence of wiring and our company kept it that way and at the end of the installation of the chandelier to its sacred place, Pastor could put the candles there himself.

Crystal chandelier with twenty-four glass arms and decorative rotative details aptly fits into the hallowed space of the glorious St. Catherine church. In all its glory it welcomes visitors of the church by its reflections and magical sparkles once again.


Dear Engineer, Thank you for the beautifully repaired chandelier.
We are very happy. Thank you and thank to your employees who have taken part in the repair and built a chandelier in the church