St. Nicholas Church, Prague

Another project brought us to one of the most famous baroque churches in Prague. For the St. Nicholas church, which is located on the Old Town Square, we had to refurbish an antique crystal chandelier of 4.5m diameter.

This renovation was very challenging due to the huge size of the chandelier (weight 1.5 tons) as well as the fact that not the whole chandelier could be taken in individual parts. We started renovation by taking apart all the crystal parts and dismantling other pieces which were taken to our company.

This is where the thorough cleaning, renovation, and damaged parts or possibly missing pieces replacement took place. We also replaced the entire substandard electrical wiring of the chandelier. The next step was the installation which contains putting chandelier together and re-polishing all decorative parts. With the assistance of experienced mountain climbers, who ensure the safe working conditions in highs, this magnificent chandelier will soon be hanging in its place.