Private Villa, Kolín

Another pleasant challenge for our designers were our customers from Kolín. The owners of the house had visited us personally and provided us with photographs of the house's interior, as well as its technical specifications (the height of the ceiling, the size of the rooms etc.). They requested that we design interior crystal chandeliers in a decent yet elegant style.

The charming interior of the house was decorated in a rather classical manner, accompanied by modern decorative elements, and we created our concept for the crystal lamps in the same spirit. Due to the customers' wishes regarding the light fittings being embedded into the ceiling of the room, we mutually agreed upon using one of the popular designs from the Porto collection. This collection boasts some of the most popular and highest-praised crystal chandeliers in modern design. A crystal lamp with 80 centimetres in diameter was set into the ceiling above the conference table and it beautifully lit up the whole room after it had been switched on. Owing to its elegant concept coupled with a decent and simplistic design, and likely also thanks to its placing, this part of the installation had become a dominant aspect of the interior decoration.

In a more circular fashion, we had designed an elliptic crystal chandelier of the same diameter as the previous one (80 centimetres) and also wall lamps – all of this in step with the previous concept. The crystals' surfaces had been enhanced by matte gold-coloured metal parts, further adding to the impression of decency coupled with elegance. All the crystal lights had been manufactured in specific colour variants, so as to correspond with the colours of the room itself. This synergy of colour gave off a truly artistic impression. The crystal prisms coloured in a lovely shade of tobacco lent a truly magical atmosphere to the whole room.

The harmony of colours and modern crystal design enriched the room with truly original beauty. The interior is now completed by the indispensable elements that are our crystal lights, and we believe that the owners will be quite satisfied. The crystal lights not only fulfil their illuminative function, but also give the whole interior an unmistakeable and highly unique atmosphere.