Private Villa, Prague

In accordance with the modern conception of the villa, we worked together with the designer who was tasked with furnishing the interior, in order to create suitable designer light fittings. 
The smooth elegance and original style of the light fixtures beautifully enhance the prevalent clear line present in the interior.

The modern design crystal fixtures are composed of handcrafted crystal bubbles, specifically tinted to match the color of the villa’s interior.

The 2.5 meters long, designer light fittings had been crafted to be completely identical, so as to make up an artistic duo with a very original conception of its crystal parts.
Mild and clear shades are combined with golden shades of cinnamon and honey in the process of creating the manually blown crystal bubbles, which adds the desired designer feel to the light fixtures.

The Wranovsky installation granted a unique and intriguing, airy effect to the elegant interiors of the villa. The modern-style crystal chandeliers have become a dominant and impressive artistic element in the interior of the mansion.