Private Villa, Prague

For this project, our clients contacted us with the desire to have us equip the entire interior of their mansion with our crystal lights. As it was their wish to lighten up the interior, as well as make it seem airier, we chose a designer type of handmade bubbles. The bubbles represent an original and unmistakable design which wonderfully fits into the modern interior. Thanks to their unique beauty, as well as their diversity in terms of shapes and sizes, the bubbles easily enriched the interiors.

The bubbles are hung in differing intervals on stainless steel strings, along with sharpened crystal pearls, which help finalize the elegance of the light installation. They help create an airy effect in the room, which was exactly what our client wished to see. Then, to achieve complete harmony, as well as to underline the designer accent of the installation, we created bubbles of several color types, each referring to a certain detail used in the interior. This helped us create a beautiful and elegant result.

The light installation consists of seven modern, designer crystal light fittings. The light, modern elegance permeates the whole interior of the villa and creates a pleasant and harmonic atmosphere.